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At Rhapsody, we view design sprints as a critical aspect of our solution delivery process. Design sprints are concentrated, fast-paced sessions where we map out the challenges at hand, ideate on potential solutions, and quickly prototype the best ideas.

Born out of Google Ventures, this five-day process solves big problems and tests new ideas in an efficient and collaborative way. Using this method, we can transform your ideas into tangible solutions in just one week.

A highly efficient method for rapid innovation

Our Design Sprint process is a 4-step program adapted from Google to solve complex problems and test new ideas. It is a structured methodology that helps teams to align, ideate, prototype, and test a solution in a short period.

The purpose of a Design Sprint agency is to help you validate ideas quickly and mitigate the risk of investing time and resources in the wrong solution.

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Our Process

Understand & Define

A Design Sprint is focused on understanding the problem and defining the challenge to be solved. The team reviews the project brief, conducts research, and interviews stakeholders to gather insights and define the problem statement. At the end of the day, the team creates a map of the user journey and identifies areas of opportunity.

Ideate & Sketch

The team uses the insights gathered on day-one to brainstorm and ideate potential solutions. The team members work individually and in groups to create sketches of their ideas. The goal is to generate a wide range of solutions without being limited by practicality or feasibility.

Decide & Prototype

Focused on deciding which ideas to prototype and creating a low-fidelity prototype. The team reviews and discusses the sketches and selects the most promising solutions. Then, they create a prototype using Figma that can represent the solution.

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Featured Projects

DCS Group


Rhapsody designed, developed and delivered a full mobile first website solution, CoreRange.com which started with a 10-day remote Design Sprint

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Featured Projects

Moke International


Rhapsody supported MOKE International to create a cohesive multi-channel design system and support the global launch of the Electric MOKE - all starting with a Design Sprint.

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The Power of Our Process

Embracing design sprints can significantly accelerate your product's journey from concept to market. It can enhance user satisfaction, drive user adoption, and provide a significant competitive advantage. By facilitating quick decision-making and rapid prototyping, design sprints can help you respond effectively to market dynamics and user needs.

Embark on a journey of innovation and swift product development with Rhapsody as your Design Sprint agency.

Let's create digital experiences that engage, excite, and exceed expectations. Experience the transformative power of design sprints with us.

From day one, the team brought a level of energy, creativity, and technical expertise that immediately set a positive tone for the sprint. They quickly understood our vision, broke down complex challenges, and generated innovative solutions. Watching our ideas take shape in the form of a high-fidelity prototype in just one week was a moment that I can only describe as 'magic'.

What really moved me to tears, though, was witnessing the impact of their work on our business. The prototype they created not only addressed our current challenges but also paved the way for new opportunities.

Jo Dolan

Founder - CarePanda Healthcare

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