Each image we capture, every animation we craft, is an unwritten dialogue between your brand and your audience.

Photography and animation aren't mere aesthetic pursuits; they're the threads that weave your brand's narrative into the fabric of your customers' lives.

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Why Shoot with us?

Our end-to-end offering means our expert production team can manage the shoots from our impressive photography studios in Warsaw, London, Madrid and New York.

Cost-effective and efficient Our transparent production process and user-friendly Synergy tools allow clients to check the status of every product throughout each stage of production -from goods in to goods out.

Remote Art Direction Rhapsody offers its clients the ability to engage in a shoot from anywhere in the world. We have three cameras that allow the client to provide feedback, make changes and offer creative direction to the teams working on three key areas of the shoot: make-up, wardrobe and set.

Our Capture One desktop is fed to the client live and uses specialist equipment controlled by the Project Manager to switch between each of the cameras.

Anytime, Anywhere

Geography should never limit your brand's ability to create compelling visual content. That's why Rhapsody offers remote production solutions, enabling us to manage and perform photography and animation projects from multiple locations around the globe.

This approach allows us to work closely with your team, ensuring a seamless production process, and delivering stunning results without the need for your physical presence.

We utilise state-of-the-art technology, digital tools, and collaborative platforms to bring your visual concepts to life - wherever you are.

Additional Support

Kit We work with state-of-the-art equipment which is all available on location.

Model hire We offer each client our personalised live online casting. During a thorough pre-casting meeting we review the talent available to you based on your criteria and schedule a live casting with 100% client engagement.

Stylists, hair & make-up Our team of stylists, hair and make-up artists are ready to tackle any project, from small promos through to large campaigns.

Video Each of our locations is video capable to deliver in 8k quality and ready to shoot in location using our Hybrid Shoot workflow.

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Our Studios

Global Reach

Our industry knowledge, passion, eCommerce expertise and streamlined processes from our global studios are why our clients keep coming back, year after year.


We produce every type of photography for a wide-range of client needs - from eCommerce to print catalogues to creative shoots for online. Fashion and model shoots have been our core business since we started, so expect nothing less than the best.

No job too small

We are also experts at shooting product, interior and food & drink imagery, and we’re passionate about creating photography in new and appealing ways.

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Products and images shot and retouched each day

Quotes from our awesome clients:

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Enormous credit must go to the professionalism and commitment to quality from Rhapsody’s team in London and Poland - their hard work is not taken for granted and very much appreciated."

Sarah J - Production Director - Condé Nast

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It was a pleasure to collaborate with the very talented team at Rhapsody on our luxury watch micro site. They took a demanding brief and step by step kept us informed, always striving to improve our customers experience and delivered a fantastic end product."

Richard Briggs - YOOX Net-A-Porter Group