Web accessibility is a shared journey towards digital equality. We are committed to fostering universally accessible experiences that honour every user.

Let's make the digital world a more inclusive place

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The Importance of Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is more than a moral or legal obligation; it's a commitment to inclusive digital experiences that honour and respect all users. As a Rhapsody client and partner with accessiBe, the leading solution for WCAG and ADA compliance, you're endorsing a more inclusive digital world. Here, every individual, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, has equal opportunities to interact, contribute, and navigate.

Web accessibility involves ensuring that your digital content is easily perceivable, understandable, and operable to all, including those with visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility impairments. It also means accommodating users who rely on assistive technologies to interact with web content.

As society becomes more digitally intertwined, the impact of accessibility extends beyond user experience, reflecting your brand's integrity and commitment to inclusivity.

Navigating Compliance with accessiBe

Partnering with accessiBe, we offer an AI-powered solution that simplifies the path to WCAG and ADA compliance. This technology provides real-time adjustments to your website, ensuring it remains accessible and compliant around the clock. Moreover, it eliminates the complexity and significant costs associated with manual web accessibility modifications.

AccessiBe is more than just a compliance tool; it's a solution committed to creating a universally accessible web ecosystem. With capabilities spanning from screen-reader optimization to keyboard navigation enhancements, accessiBe empowers you to meet legal obligations while proactively fostering an inclusive digital environment.

Rhapsody & accessiBe – Championing Digital Inclusion

Our partnership with accessiBe underscores Rhapsody's dedication to creating inclusive and accessible digital solutions. By combining our expertise in creating engaging digital experiences with accessiBe's leading accessibility technology, we're not just ensuring WCAG and ADA compliance; we're championing a movement towards universal digital inclusion.

Adopting an accessibility solution such as accessiBe illustrates your brand's commitment to digital equality, improving your reputation and broadening your reach to include users with diverse abilities. At Rhapsody, we strive to ensure that every digital experience we craft is a testament to inclusivity and accessibility.

Quotes from our clients

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From concept to final deliverables, the team maintained excellent levels of communication, flexibility, and quality of work. They were able to deliver under tight timelines, multiple creative outputs and languages, and changes in creative direction. Highly recommended!"

Sarah N - Amazon WW Ops TA Marketing

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Working with Rhapsody and CS Media was such a great experience, we are already planning our next project! The service and professionalism from the team throughout was first class and our mind was set at ease from the start. Thanks to the quality and attention to detail during the project, our first live stream event was a complete success for both Lakeland and our myLakeland club members.”

Fran Wilkinson - Head of Loyalty and CRM, Lakeland