As the conduits of your brand's story, we understand the power of words. We craft compelling narratives and transcend language barriers, ensuring your message resonates universally.

With us, you don't just communicate—you connect.

Hanna Lebiecka

Crafting Compelling Narratives

Harness the power of words to shape your brand's narrative and connect with your audience on a profound level. At Rhapsody, our team of skilled copywriters craft content that resonates, engaging your audience and inspiring action. From succinct taglines to immersive long-form content, we weave words together to tell your story in a compelling and authentic way.

Our in-house experienced linguists and translators also ensure that language is never a barrier to your message being heard. No matter where your audience is located, we can accurately and effectively convey your message in a language that resonates with them.

Translation Excellence

In our interconnected global economy, businesses need to speak the language of their customers, no matter where they are. That's where our team of professional translators comes in. Skilled in a multitude of languages and familiar with cultural nuances, they ensure your message is not only translated, but localised for maximum impact.

From websites and marketing collateral to technical documents and legal contracts, our translators ensure your communications are accurate, culturally appropriate, and resonant, helping to foster trust and loyalty with your international audience.


Beyond Words

But our services go beyond merely crafting words and translating content. We understand the vital role that tone, voice, and style play in shaping your brand's image and reinforcing your brand strategy. With this in mind, our copywriters and translators are adept at adjusting to your brand's specific guidelines, ensuring a consistent and cohesive voice across all your communication channels.

Let us help you bridge the linguistic gap, foster deeper connections, and navigate global markets with confidence. Engage Rhapsody's Copywriting and Translation services, and let your words do the talking.

Quotes from our clients

Conde Nast logo

Enormous credit must go to the professionalism and commitment to quality from Rhapsody’s team in London and Poland - their hard work is not taken for granted and very much appreciated."

Sarah Jenson - Production Director - Condé Nast

DeLonghi logo

De’Longhi has worked on two design projects with Rhapsody, an immersive content hub for our website and a promotional campaign key visual. Throughout both projects the team were professional, communication was always clear and Rhapsody are a pleasure to work with. The end results speak for themselves!"

Hannah Dabin - Category Manager (Coffee)