In the world of print, precision is paramount. Our pre-press and retouching solutions ensure your brand's image is flawlessly portrayed.

We set solid foundations for impeccable print outcomes

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Pre-Press Mastery

The preparation phase of print production, known as pre-press, sets the tone for the final print output, making it pivotal to the entire process. Pre-press involves a number of complex steps, including document proofing, design finalization, color management, and typesetting, all of which require technical expertise and a keen eye for detail.

Our pre-press service leverages cutting-edge technology, rigorous workflows, and the collective proficiency of a dedicated team to ensure your print materials are optimized for the highest quality output. We ensure that every detail aligns with your creative vision and brand standards, providing you with a seamless path to the presses and beyond.

Ensuring Excellence

To uphold the integrity of your brand's image, our pre-press solutions employ stringent quality control measures. The incorporation of modern software enables precise color matching and impeccable fidelity to your design guidelines. Every document we handle goes through a meticulous inspection process to catch potential errors or inconsistencies, maximising the efficiency of the printing process and minimising costly revisions.

This comprehensive approach to pre-press services delivers consistency across all your print materials, solidifying your brand’s identity and enhancing its professional presence in the physical world.

Full-width media for Conde Nast case study, showcasing media innovation and content excellence.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

We understand that each brand has unique requirements and distinct visions. Our pre-press team takes the time to familiarize themselves with your brand’s ethos, ensuring our work resonates with your target audience and amplifies your message. Whether you're producing a business card, a product catalog, or an elaborate poster, our pre-press service can accommodate and adapt to a broad range of project scopes and complexities.

Embark on your next print project with the assurance that your vision will be accurately translated into print. Experience the uncompromising quality and precision that our pre-press solutions provide.

Quotes from our clients

Conde Nast logo

We’ve hit our best ever average V1+V2 approval rate of 89% across our April issues which is back to our best result after just 4 issues working with Rhapsody.

I think this is an absolutely fabulous achievement and enormous credit must go to the professionalism and commitment to quality from Rhapsody’s team in London and Poland - their hard work is not taken for granted and very much appreciated."

Sarah Jenson - Production Director - Condé Nast

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Rhapsody was a fantastic partner in helping the Amazon WW Operations Talent Acquisition Marketing team to build a recruitment marketing campaign for our European recent graduate population. From concept to final deliverables, the team maintained excellent levels of communication, flexibility, and quality of work. They were able to deliver under tight timelines, multiple creative outputs and languages, and changes in creative direction. Highly recommended!"

Sarah N - Amazon WW Ops TA Marketing