Engine isn't just a tool, it's your collaborative partner, streamlining complex production processes and driving success through innovative, user-friendly technology.

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Simplifying Complex Production Processes

Engine isn’t just a software; it's a revolution in the world of production management. Designed to streamline the most intricate production processes, Engine puts efficiency at the heart of creative, editorial, marketing, and advertising projects. It's a single, integrated system that ensures seamless collaboration within teams, regardless of location or time zone. Imagine a virtual environment where unlimited projects are not only possible but delivered on time and within budget.

That's the Engine promise. Today, Engine empowers over 6500 daily users across various industries, transforming the way they plan, monitor, and execute their publication processes.

Robust Features, Uncompromising Quality

Engine is a testament to the power of innovative, cloud-based technology. As an online collaborative production management tool, it offers 24/7 global access, making geographical boundaries irrelevant. It’s equipped with an Adobe InDesign plug-in, specifically designed for editors and designers to streamline their work processes.

Automatic page re-folioing, integrated advertising copy chasing, and advertising repeats ensure a fluid creative process. Quality is uncompromised, with built-in audit trails, digital asset management tools, and sophisticated PDF colour management.

Engine is a truly bespoke solution, built to suit your unique needs.

Driving Results, Measuring Success

Engine doesn’t just drive productivity; it quantifies success. Through full KPI reporting, teams can measure the efficiency of their processes and find opportunities for improvement. The platform supports the creation and pre-flight checking of over 6 million PDFs each year, making it a trusted partner in production for consumer and contract publishing, mail order catalogues, and book publishing brands.

It integrates seamlessly with in-house systems via API links, making it a truly cohesive solution for all your production needs. Unleash the power of collaborative productivity with Engine, where transparency is more than just a word; it's a way of working.

Quotes from our clients

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We tasked Rhapsody with creating an information-led, educational website that would highlight important insights to our audience in a clear, concise and engaging way. We knew the page structure and content we wanted, but weren’t sure how to bring it all to life. Rhapsody have designed and built a fantastically intuitive website that is easy for our audience to navigate and to find the information they are looking for."

Matt Stanton - DCS Group

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We’ve hit our best ever average V1+V2 approval rate of 89% across our April issues which is back to our best result after just 4 issues working with Rhapsody. I think this is an absolutely fabulous achievement and enormous credit must go to the professionalism and commitment to quality from Rhapsody’s team in London and Poland - their hard work is not taken for granted and very much appreciated."

Sarah Jansen - Production Director - Condé Nast


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