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Darren Ayles - CTO

Darren Ayles


Discover the power of Engine, the ultimate software solution designed to streamline even the most complex production processes. Engine enables creative, editorial, marketing, and advertising teams to collaborate seamlessly in a virtual environment 24/7, ensuring timely and on-budget delivery of unlimited projects.


Web  Accessibility  Solutions

As an Accessibe.com partner, Rhapsody is committed to ensuring your digital presence is accessible to all. Web accessibility isn't just a standard, it's a necessity. Complying with WCAG & ADA is more than just meeting guidelines, it's about ensuring equal access for everyone. With our expertise in Web Accessibility Solutions, we aim to create an inclusive digital world, amplifying your brand's message to a wider, diverse audience.


Ceros Experience

Discover the compelling world of interactive content with Ceros and Rhapsody. In this digital age, captivating your audience's attention is paramount and Ceros enables you to achieve just that. Elevate your content from static to interactive, delivering unparalleled customer engagement.