End-to-end video production for a live commerce start-up

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Adam Pietrzyk, Dominika Cygan, Marta Plichta - 22 June 2023 - 8 min read

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End-to-end video production for a live commerce start-up

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An innovative live-streaming platform to connect brands, content creators and customers

How do you bridge the gap between brands, video content creators and online shoppers to enhance the selling/buying experience? Live-streaming technology may be the answer. In fact, our client Divid has devised an innovative e-commerce solution for that very purpose. Its app and live-streaming platform enable shoppers to buy products and watch videos in a seamless manner.

Divid tasked Rhapsody with finding the best visual solution to explain the benefits of its product. The solution needed to show a customer's journey and the interaction between them, brands and content creators. We therefore set out to create videos that would appeal to our client's wide and varied target group while being consistent with the Divid brand identity.

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Getting to know Divid’s live commerce product

Tapping into a market need for new online shopping solutions, our client Divid has created a unique live-streaming platform to connect brands, content creators and customers.

  1. Brands can use the platform to join the influencer marketing space and attract new online shoppers.
  2. Content creators can use it to increase viewer engagement, improve their visibility and earn money.
  3. Finally, the platform enables customers to explore products or services in real time and make an informed decision about them.

Divid's technology module includes two products:

  • CPA: a SaaS mobile application where video bloggers can receive an offer from a brand, then shoot a video or conduct a live stream featuring one or more of the brand’s products. Bloggers invite their audience to Divid’s webpage or mobile application so that they can purchase goods in a few clicks while watching the live stream.

  • Live commerce: a platform for brands to reach out to content creators with promotional opportunities. Creators can use it to post their own video or live stream to enhance the customer’s experience.

  • Divid’s live-streaming products improve the online selling/shopping experience and the interactions between its users. However, how do you effectively transmit this message to a broad and diverse audience?

Creating a video campaign to successfully explain the client’s product

Rhapsody proposed to create videos that describe the client's product offering through storytelling. The videos set out to show the advantages of Divid's live-streaming platform and how it can change the user experience, for example:

Consumers stay engaged during a live-streaming showcase without having to leave the video while they shop.

Video content creators gain the audience’s engagement and a commission from each sale, plus they have an opportunity to work directly with global brands.

Brands gain an innovative, interactive sales channel with high conversions. Plus, they get to sell their products through social networks and content creators without the need for intermediaries.

The videos had to be in formats suitable for use:

  • On the client’s website and social media pages,
  • In paid social media campaigns,
  • In presentations during webinars, conferences, trade fairs, sales calls etc. We therefore produced longer videos aimed at brands and content creators, and shorter videos for social media.

Video tells a story that appeals to a diverse target audience

Divid’s product is aimed at brands, content creators and customers in Europe, the UK and Turkey. Rhapsody had to take this broad target audience into account when coming up with a solution. Using video was an obvious choice: it can be an excellent channel to transmit a message to an international audience and provides a wide variety of creative storytelling options. There was another reason for using video: telling the product’s story through dynamical visuals fits perfectly with Divid’s image as a brand that delivers a modern e-commerce solution.

What are the benefits of using a video in a creative campaign?

Controlled storytelling. You can methodically set the pace and structure the narrative, making it simple to deliver a focused message. As a result, you’ll provide the audience with an enjoyable experience.

Visuals. You can use elements such as colour, data visualisation, kinetic text, animation or live-action to convey your message in a powerful or evocative way.

Audio. Music, voiceovers and sound effects can help you communicate tone and emotion. This can help increase your audience's emotional response.

A comprehensive approach to creative video production

This project required Rhapsody to adopt a holistic approach as we had to handle all the stages of production:

  • Pre-production, including concepts, scripts, castings and locations setting.
  • Production – a one-day shoot.
  • Post-production, including choosing the best footage, editing, preparing an animatic version of the videos, colour grading etc. Let’s dive deeper into the specific stages.

The pre-production stage: from the concept and scripts, through to casting and set locations

We started the project by defining our client’s needs. We asked Divid for inspiration, preferences and expectations. This stage required regular communication with the client, often via Slack and calls. We then worked through the information, brainstorming and developing several concepts for a video campaign. Once the client had accepted one of the concepts, Rhapsody’s team got to work to create the moodboards, storyboards and scripts.

Putting make up on a model in the photo studio.

Working on video scripts

A dedicated copywriter created scripts for the videos. They focused on creating stories that would:

  • Convey the benefits of Divid's platform.
  • Be consistent with the image of the brand, i.e. one that provides an innovative and easy-to-use tool.

To achieve these goals, we created two scripts which presented simplified customer journeys from the perspective of the brand and content creators respectively. The stories showed how a merchant could use our client's technology to increase sales, and how content creators can leverage the platform to gain more subscribers and earn money. In addition to highlighting the benefits of Divid’s platform, we also showed viewers that it is easy and fun to use.

Organising a one-day shoot

Then, we organised the one-day shoot. Preparations included:

  • Casting and hiring two actors via a model agency. The casting took place at Rhapsody’s studio. We took care of all the formalities, such as contracts.
  • Hiring a stylist, makeup artist and hairstylist.
  • Creating the packshots for the products featured in the videos. All this work required close cooperation with our client – who participated in the casting and the video shoot – as well as with the photography and video team.

The production stage: shooting a series of videos in one day

We were faced with an important challenge: we had just one day for the shoot. The key to success was to get everything right in the pre-production stage. By preparing in detail and working closely with a team of professionals, we were able to complete the shoot within the allotted time. In one day, we managed to shoot two main videos – one targeting brands and the other content creators – as well as four short videos for social media.

The post-production stage: crafting outstanding videos

The post-production stage is when the video really comes to life. It is a complex process, but with the right skills and experience, the post-production team will successfully turn raw footage into engaging, cohesive content that delivers the right message. This stage included:

  • Going through the footage to choose the best takes. We invited our client to participate in this process.
  • Preparing an animatic version before working on the final versions of the videos.
  • Working on the animated/motion design parts.
  • Making sure all the components of a video – including music, visuals and any copy or speech – were aligned. For Divid, contemporary music with a strong beat served to set the pace and give the videos a dynamic identity.
  • Making the final edit with high-resolution frames. Rhapsody's creative department ensured that the videos felt vibrant and authentic in line with our client’s message.

An eye-catching video attracts audiences and answers clients' needs

Year after year, video remains a clear winner as the most engaging form of content. When done right, video content serves both the audience and brands. A well-thought-out video is therefore the best possible marketing tool brands can use and is well worth the investment, especially for a launch.

A group of people including both agency staff and models standing together in the photo studio .

Divid’s campaign proves it is possible to communicate a lot of information to a highly diverse audience. The trick is to get your message across simply and clearly. This will only work if you find the right angle and a style that appeals to the target groups while being in line with the brand's identity. This is why Rhapsody always examines the needs of the target group first: our findings will be the basis for creating an appealing storyline that we’ll then tell using cutting-edge tools and technology. If you are looking for a reliable partner who will work on your project with a great deal of care and deliver outstanding results, contact Rhapsody.

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