The Changing Room


An interactive digital experience showcasing the Premier League teams’ kits and stats ahead of the new season


At Rhapsody we were keen to explore the incredible possibilities that Ceros offers us. Ceros is an exciting no-code solution that allows businesses to design and publish interactive content. A passion project focusing on Premier League football kits was the perfect opportunity for us to get creative.


We set out to showcase all the Premier League’s new-season kit releases. To flex our creative muscles, we created a desktop and mobile experience in the form of a glossary style website. Users could navigate through kits, stats and supporting visuals in an interactive way, while click-through links allowed them to buy their favourite kits.


Fans weren’t the only ones to benefit from this project. It was added to Ceros Inspire – a hub featuring the most successful Ceros experiences – for others to use as an example. Plus, it has also been hugely beneficial to Rhapsody since we’ve successfully used the project to pitch for work.

Case Study Image
Case Study Image


Unique views on Ceros Inspire's curated content


Premier League Football Clubs and kit brands featured


Interactive and responsive platform across all devices

Case Study Image
Case Study Image

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