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Maintaining a thriving relationship with one of the art world’s most discerning publishers for more than a decade.


As an expert in their field, leading illustrated book publisher Thames & Hudson need to render large volumes of pre-media work seamlessly. The artwork depicted must be a true representation of the original and requires advanced colour management. Thames & Hudson were looking for a partner that respects traditional production skills while adhering to modern process and delivery standards.


Our expert pre-media team has been working with Thames & Hudson for over a decade, providing an array of services including colour management, high-end creative retouching, and image correction. We also scan original prints and use our Shoreditch photography studio to shoot larger artworks and create a true facsimile for printers located around the world.


The proof is in the finished product; our team’s attention to detail, experience, and varied skill set has led to the creation of print files that have been described as impeccable by printers worldwide. Not only that, but our supportive account managers ensure that the workflow is faultless, and projects are always produced to deadline.

Achieving Print Perfection

There’s a certain magic to recreating a work of art in print – and our team never fail to conjure perfection. Combining lessons learned from traditional production houses with cutting-edge techniques, our in-house experts employ all their skills and experience to make incredibly realistic duplicates. This includes their in-depth knowledge of paper. Passionate about print, our team knows exactly how different paper types can affect the look and feel of an image after it’s been printed. In addition, we supply ICC-certified and Fogra standard proofs to Thames & Hudson for their review and approval before anything goes to print. The finished result is on the page for all to see.

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A Unique Collaboration

An appreciation for Thames & Hudson’s expertise in art, architecture, history, fashion, and film, as well as our fantastic eye for detail lies at the heart of our long-standing relationship. Over 10 years, we’ve built up a level of trust that can only come from consistent delivery, strong communication, and mutual respect. It is the close collaboration between Thames & Hudson and our account managers, retouchers, and pre-media experts month after month that has made this partnership a lasting success story.

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