Rhapsody helped to design and build SmartApp, a delivery app that utilises innovative SmartLM software to benefit drivers and customers across the UK.


Market-leading logistics management software brand SmartLM wanted to translate its sophisticated program into a mobile-first native app experience. SmartLM’s founders, experienced logistics and transportation professionals, initially used a less sophisticated third-party tool which resulted in lost delivery notes, crumpled up dockets and reduced transparency over on-the-road deliveries, increasing the potential for mistakes and missing parcels.


Rhapsody was tasked with designing and building a new delivery app from the ground up. By evaluating existing processes and connecting with logistics managers and drivers to determine their wants and needs, our team was able to create a mobile experience that digitized relevant paperwork and gave users full transparency over daily bookings and delivery routes.


Working in close collaboration with the existing SmartLM developers and engineers, Rhapsody was able to deliver a fully tested solution on schedule and within budget. Launching on the App Store and Google Play as part of SmartLM’s main product offering, SmartApp includes key features such as digital paperwork and signing capabilities, Google Maps integration, vehicle tracking and customer notifications.

SmartLM Full Image: Illustration depicting the SmartLM brand, symbolizing technological excellence.

Customer Benefits

Rhapsody also worked with SmartLM to consider delivery customers and the features they might benefit from in the SmartApp. Digital paperwork and delivery confirmation functionalities are just two features that provide clear benefits to customers, and these have been implemented in a streamlined way to work in harmony with driver-focused features. For example, if the customer requires photo confirmation that a delivery has been made, the app will direct the driver to upload these images during a booking. Geo-coordinates also help to update the customer on the driver’s whereabouts, so they can be ready to receive a delivery as soon as it arrives.

Compilation of app screens from the SmartLM Media Marq case study, showcasing innovative features and user interactions.


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More deliveries 
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The success of the new SmartApp was evidenced by measurable improvements on deliveries in all areas of use. Improved processes meant fewer driver errors occurred, and enhanced UX and UI within the app allowed drivers to clearly see which deliveries they had coming up next, without having to call management to confirm. These upgrades helped users reduce admin, increase customer satisfaction and save time and money.

Vehicle Dashboard

To appeal to SmartLM’s core customer base, our team put the driver experience front of mind when designing SmartApp. A key requirement for delivery drivers was to be able to view bookings in SmartApp quickly and easily, and our team were keen to tailor the user experience and interface to the driver environment to achieve this. This environment is a challenging one, as the app needs to provide push notifications at key points along the driver’s journey, giving them an instant snapshot of next steps without being a distraction. Specific bespoke UI components were used to solve these challenges, including collapsible tiles, cards and progress indicators that could update in real-time. 

By avoiding clutter in terms of design, our team was able to create clear, simple, easy to digest steps along the user journey, offering drivers readable booking information when they needed it most.

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