A global 360° campaign including video, photography, gaming and interactive experiences.


After overhauling its branding in 2022, Sage approached us to update an array of experiences across its Sage Advice platform, ensuring they echoed the company’s engaging new look and feel while being interactive and accessible. We were also tasked with providing additional localisations for the updated experiences, and creating new experiences from scratch to tight deadlines.


To achieve the highest quality output in a limited timeframe, we streamlined communications, giving Sage a single point of contact for all queries and feedback. An in-depth kick off call allowed us to clearly define roles and responsibilities, and the Rhapsody team were trained in how to apply Sage’s new branding to a variety of experiences.


Our efficient approach enabled our dedicated core team of senior designers, artworkers and project managers to collaborate effectively to achieve the targets for launch, prioritising interactivity and accessibility across the new and updated experiences. Overall, we delivered over 20 rebranded experiences within 6 months, becoming Sage’s preferred partner, and extending our collaboration into 2023.

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To complete this project to the highest standards, Rhapsody provided design, artworking and project management services. It was vital to us that the Sage team felt included in every stage of the process, so Rhapsody’s project lead prioritised contact and consultation, with clear periods and deadlines agreed for providing feedback on the digital experiences. For example, the design team presented wireframes within a day of sign off, and worked with the client to obtain and action any amends before progressing onto tablet and mobile builds, all while keeping the project on time and on schedule. By making sure everyone was on the same page, our team could be certain the client’s expectations were being met - and exceeded.

“I am very impressed with Rhapsody. On the design side, they are skilled at creating beautiful interactive Ceros pieces we can use throughout our customer’s journey, and adapt fast to any changes our stakeholders may need. On the project management side, they are able to handle fast-moving projects in multiple languages and designs expertly, helping save me and my team SO much time. It is always a pleasure to find an agency you can really partner with, and Rhapsody has been a great partner to our content team!”

Naima Ozier

Content Strategist, North America

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It was crucial for Sage that the rebranded experiences were both interactive and accessible. Utilising industry-leading Ceros software to update Sage’s former experiences and create new ones, our team was able to test and implement the relevant accessibility features on offer within the program to ensure that the final experiences were tailored to every potential user.


Sage projects completed in 2022, including localisations


A dream Team: 6 designers, 2 project managers


Impressions in wInspired Content Award from Ceros

Supporting Sage’s goal of providing impeccable software solutions to a variety of SMEs and accountants, we are proud to have delivered such outstanding experiences to this global brand within strict time constraints. With an ongoing focus on accessibility and interactivity, we look forward to working with Sage on successful future collaborations.

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