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Spearheading two key campaigns for the leading telecommunications company, which incorporated animation, scripting and storyboarding, and reached 1.8m Instagram followers.


Rhapsody worked with Huawei on two crucial projects: an aspirational video campaign where we created lifestyle content for the brand’s social channels, and a countdown teaser launch for its latest phone model, produced in partnership with Grayling PR. For the latter, the central challenge involved creating visuals that illustrated the phone’s three key selling points (KSPs) without showing the device itself.


For the launch campaign, we came up with the idea of using orbs to visualise the phone’s KSPs, echoing the circular detail on the handset without revealing its full design. We filmed the orbs in three specific settings to convey the three KSPs of superfast 5G broadband, slow-motion camera capabilities and a low light camera function. For the lifestyle campaign, Rhapsody produced high-quality video content to an exceptionally tight deadline, with logistics organised in just four days to meet the brand’s internal deadlines.


Rhapsody successfully delivered two seamless video projects for Huawei. Our launch animations had a clear, cohesive theme which helped build audience excitement across the brand’s social channels before the new model came on the market, and the lifestyle campaign used three friends on a seaside getaway to highlight the phone’s unique features.


Constructing the Launch Teaser

It was a fun challenge for Rhapsody to use the orbs concept to reveal slight hints about the new phone model’s KSP’s without giving too much away. To demonstrate the phone’s superfast 5G, we filmed the orbs moving quickly around a space; to emphasise the device’s exceptional low light camera, light-up orbs were filmed in a darkened room; and to illustrate the device’s slow-motion camera, we captured circular dew drops exploding at decreased speed.



Different languages and 3 formats


Views for each of the three launch posts on Instagram Stories


Followers reached on Instagram


Likes received for the lifestyle-themed static grid posts and 35,000 views on Stories

Rhapsody’s engaging videos caught the attention of the public across the brand’s social channels, with huge numbers viewing and liking the content on Instagram.


Creating Luxury Lifestyle Content

For the lifestyle campaign, Rhapsody was tasked with creating enticing videos and photography that formed a series. As a result, our team was responsible for the whole process, from concept, production and styling to scriptwriting, storyboarding, edit and output. Transforming the Isle of Sheppey into a Hamptons-style seaside getaway, over the course of an 18-hour day Rhapsody shot three videos and a variety of photos highlighting the phone’s central features. The finalised content told the story of three friends getting together and documenting an unforgettable trip with a Huawei phone.

On Location

Rhapsody leant on all of our experience in Art Direction and Photoshoots in order to make the most of the filming day, despite the UK weather trying it’s best to disrupt the luxury lifestyle theme.

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