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Streamlining workflows, generating cost savings and creating mobile apps for HELLO!, HELLO! Fashion and ¡HOLA!


HELLO! and ¡HOLA! are widely read in the UK and Spain for their celebrity news coverage, and the weekly magazine also has territory-specific editions in 13 further countries. Until recently, this global network had a complex publishing process: to optimise it, ¡HOLA!, HELLO! and HELLO! Fashion asked Rhapsody to review their internal workflows.


Rhapsody set about making improvements, including for the soft proofing process. We also transferred the client’s key titles onto our Engine flatplan management system so that the ¡HOLA!, HELLO! and HELLO! Fashion teams could share and review content globally. Most recently, we tested a LucidLink workflow to enable the HELLO! Fashion team to host master files on a cloud-based server.


Our client has streamlined internal workflows and reduced time to market by adopting solutions such as Engine and LucidLink. In addition, Rhapsody’s extensive production network in Madrid, London and Warsaw has made processes much more efficient: ¡HOLA! is now being produced in just 36 hours every week, for example.

Case Study Image
Case Study Image

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