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Creating fully designed desktop and mobile templates as part of Ceros’ major ecosystem refresh.


Ceros, a no-code content creation tool company, was working on Release 8, a major overhaul that included platform improvements, new product launches and a brand refresh. The changes were going to impact the way that Ceros Inspire templates – pre-built experiences designed to inspire users – were used and their overall value proposition. Plus, the existing templates were visually outdated.


Rhapsody therefore created eight fully designed desktop and mobile templates, focusing on formats that Ceros clients are usually interested in the most, including paginated presentations (for sales decks or pitches, for example), brochures, product pages and case studies. At each stage of the project, we communicated with the client to define and refine moodboards, wireframes and other key elements.


For each template, Rhapsody dug deep: we considered everything from user needs to contemporary design trends. By paying attention to elements such as visuals, layout, navigation and the overall user experience, we not only ensured that users can easily adapt templates to suit their needs: this meticulous approach also allowed us to create a new set of templates that is in line with Ceros’ new ecosystem and refreshed brand identity.

Ceros Inspire Thumbnail Image

Rhapsody also played an important role in broadening the remit of the Ceros Inspire templates. In the past, the templates had two main purposes: they were used by designers as a springboard for getting started with Ceros and by the sales team who relied on them to demonstrate how rich the company’s offering is. Unfortunately, they were not optimised for editor access. Luckily Rhapsody was able to provide a helping hand: editors (including non-designers) can now access the templates, turn them into an experience, edit them and publish them.

Ceros Inspire Thumbnail Image
Ceros Inspire Thumbnail Image

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