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Rhapsody and Burger King joined forces to highlight the iconic brand’s sustainability initiatives in an engaging, dynamic, and informative microsite.


Since 1954, Burger King has seen the fast-food industry evolve in unimaginable ways. For the modern consumer, a brand’s environmental credentials and sustainability strategy are arguably just as important as being able to cook the perfect fry. Burger King came to us to harness its new global branding to highlight its Good Charter in a dedicated online space. 


Our dynamic designers got to work creating a self-contained microsite that showcased Burger King’s rebranded aesthetic while clearly communicating the restaurant chain’s social and environmental positioning. Employing expertise from the worlds of UX, UI and rich content, we used Ceros to build a website that effortlessly combines storytelling and sustainability.


The finished product is a balanced recipe of elements, all wrapped up into an engaging, easy-to-use webpage. Seamlessly integrated with Burger King’s new global branding, the microsite makes sustainability digestible while building connections with the company’s loyal customers. The result is a defining moment in the brand’s story, allowing this household name to communicate its responsible actions with pride.

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As the world’s second largest fast-food hamburger chain, Burger King is cementing its commitment to the future of the planet through its Good Charter. This document outlines the company’s position on sustainability, animal welfare, and social responsibilities – all elements that are growing in importance to both its new and existing customers. Our team worked hard to provide the perfect mix of flavours; communicating these important environmental messages while crafting a story - adding that special sauce - that would bring the words to life.    

“It's easily the most engaging CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) content I've ever come across”

Timothy Love

Head of Digital at Burger King

Burger King’s new global visual identity was key to our approach and the final design; there needed to be a seamless connection between our work and that of the brand’s in-house team. Our commitment to collaboration came in handy as we used the restaurant chain’s signature font, inviting colour palette, and timeless vintage sensibility to make the new webpage a natural addition to the rest of the company’s website. 

Alongside making creative decisions based on Burger King’s rebrand guidelines, we employed rich content to design a holistic experience for the user, using photography, animated graphics, and illustrations to make this serious topic entertaining and easy to understand. 

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