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A meaningful campaign to raise awareness about the digital and data-focused career opportunities in the biotech and life science industry.


Businesses in the biotech and life science industry often struggle to recruit individuals with digital and data skills. Determined to change the situation in the UK, the Bioindustry Association (BIA), the UK’s trade association for life sciences, reached out to Rhapsody: it asked us to create a marketing campaign that would help attract talent to the field.


The campaign we devised was aimed at recent graduates and individuals looking for a career change and axed around the rallying phrase #BIGIMPACT. Its purpose was to show that, by working in an industry that makes a difference to people’s lives and health, it is possible to have a meaningful career. We created a bespoke website using Ceros to highlight relevant opportunities in the industry.


The campaign launched in May and the results speak volumes. The website has had 330+ email signups, over 3 million impressions, 23K total interaction clicks and an average paid media engagement rate of 25%. On social media, the number of followers is increasing week on week and there have been engagement spikes thanks to digital tech influencers endorsing the site.

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Our starting point was the #BIGIMPACT concept: easy to understand, remember and apply, it allowed us to raise awareness by creating meaning on multiple levels. The campaign website does not just shine a light on potential pathways into biotech, it also links to job opportunities that can be applied for in real time. By empowering the audience, the campaign itself becomes a driver of impact.

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The Perfect Match

This awareness campaign drew on a number of Rhapsody’s strengths including our creative services, strategy, copywriting, paid marketing, as well as influencer marketing and management.


Social media has proven to be a powerful marketing tool to reach both professionals and students. Aside from the influencer endorsements, the use of Meta, X and LinkedIn has enabled BIA to raise awareness about the industry. We created a variety of types of content with industry insiders – from biotech specialists to tech professionals – including Instagram stories and reels, as well as content for Tiktok. Plus, the trade association launched the campaign directly to its members via newsletters, articles and press releases for maximum impact.

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