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Producing video content that sits at the heart of a nation-wide holistic wellness campaign.


Mental and physical wellbeing are frequently considered to be separate entities, with mental health often seen to be a sensitive or taboo subject. Insurance provider AXA Health wanted to change this mindset and promote holistic wellness through a dedicated campaign comprising digital content and live events. They turned to Rhapsody and Unity PR for help.


Rhapsody was tasked with creating the video content for the Headstrong campaign microsite and social media. We produced all 12 videos featuring influencer Richie Norton, founder of The Strength Temple, over a two-day shoot in a studio. We managed the whole production from talent and scripts, to the edit and delivery.


Rhapsody delivered the core content for this UK-focused campaign thanks to a series of videos that communicate the campaign message simply and clearly. We achieved the goals that had been set across relevant social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook), helping AXA Health get the word out about the combined importance of physical and mental wellbeing.



the number of videos Rhapsody produced


the days it took to shoot 12 videos


minutes recorded

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