Hybrid photoshoots – a new perspective for brand photography

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Kamil Baczyński, Andrzej Adach - 12 May 2023 - 7 min read

Collage of Hybrid Photoshoot Thumbnails, showcasing diverse creative concepts and styles.

Hybrid photoshoots – a new perspective for brand photography

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The challenges brought about by the pandemic and the current economic situation have pushed brands and manufacturers to seek and implement innovative work tools. New forms of collaboration – powered by modern technology – have shown to provide a more flexible work model as well as helping to reduce costs. The hybrid photoshoot, which allows clients to oversee shoots from nearly anywhere in the world, is fast becoming a popular choice.

A hybrid style of work gives us new opportunities

The pandemic has transformed the way we carry out business and marketing across a number of areas. It has also impacted the way we carry out our day-to-day tasks. Overnight, the hybrid working model has been embraced and implemented by many companies. We have learned how to work remotely while still combining the best of online and offline.

Commercial photography has also been impacted by these shifts.

What once seemed incompatible with remote work can now be carried out in a hybrid form, thanks to a change in approach to conducting business and the rapid growth of streaming.

You no longer have to travel to the other side of the globe to only spend a few hours working on a shoot. When you opt for a hybrid photoshoot, you can take part in the project from the comfort of your own office. This model allows you to be more efficient, to save time and reduce your financial outlay as well as avoiding the inconveniences involved if a shoot should be rescheduled. It’s an innovative solution that provides flexibility without compromising on quality.

The advantages of hybrid photoshoots

Most brands have a constant need for new imagery. You might be in want of fashion photography for a lookbook or maybe you need e-commerce product shots? Whatever forms of content you require at the moment, let Rhapsody’s experts do the work for you: we have adapted our photography services in line with the ever-changing market.

What is a hybrid photoshoot?

Thanks to our innovative approach to photoshoots, we are now able to present you with more flexible photographic services. When you opt for the hybrid system, you can oversee the shoot on a remote basis and direct our studio team who will carry out your concept following the guidelines you have provided.

You take part in the photoshoot remotely, or in person at one of Rhapsody’s studios. This hybrid approach allows you to focus on your most relevant business goals and to optimise your time.

Rhapsody’s team of photographers, stylists, project managers and other professionals will deliver the best photographic content under your supervision: we’ll collaborate with you across all stages of the project. Check out our hybrid and remote photoshoots in action.

Hybrid Photoshot_Image-1.png

Participate actively in a hybrid photoshoot

Whether you have suggestions relating to the styling or model poses, or you would like to see some initial retouching or additional shots, you can be involved in all the stages of the shoot. Rhapsody harnesses modern technology so you can participate from A to Z.

The hybrid work model allows you to remotely oversee a shoot taking place at one of our four studios in Warsaw, London, Barcelona or Madrid. It is up to you to decide when to join the session and to what extent you want to provide the team with guidance. You can do this fully remotely or you could optimise your next business trip by combining the shoot with business meetings in one of the aforementioned cities.

Hybrid Photoshot_Image-2.png

With live view, you can see the photos as they are being taken. You can decide whether you’re happy with a shot, whether it needs retaking or whether you just want to move on to post-processing.

Direct hybrid photoshoots with a team of co-workers Even though you may be hundreds of kilometres away from the studio’s location, you can actively participate in the process, exchange with the photographers and let yourself be inspired to achieve even better results. Teamwork adds value to the final result and makes the very process even more efficient and enjoyable.

“Two heads are better than one,” as they say: invite co-workers to the hybrid shoot and work on the project together for better results. By taking into account feedback from the various parties involved in the project, you can save time on post-production and make the process more efficient.

Hybrid Photoshot_Image-3.png

A fast-track approval process for commercial photography Hybrid photoshoots successfully shorten the process of selecting final images, of transferring files and of communicating between client and agency. By overseeing our team in real time, you’ll get results faster, you’ll end up with a better selection of images and you’ll spend less time on post-production. Consequently, you can also save money: providing feedback in this way means that any corrections can be implemented quickly and that the team will quickly get the desired shot.

Thanks to this hybrid service and the facilities available at our studios, you can successfully reduce your photoshoot budget. Firstly, since you don’t need to be physically present on the shoot, you eliminate travel costs and gain time. Secondly, because we have several professionally-equipped studios, you can choose the one best suited to your project’s requirements (for example, you might need a large space for a shoot involving a car but prefer a cosy studio for packshots).

Hybrid Photoshot_Image.png

Flexible photography and video services – two formats in one shoot If you’re planning a photoshoot, our team can also organise setting up the studio for video: that way you can optimise your shoot and create additional content. As a result, you gain the opportunity to create photography, videos and GIFs for different communication channels (e.g. e-commerce as well as social media). You’ll also be able to reuse the content you have created and reach your audience through different promotional channels.

Hybrid photoshoots – a flexible approach in line with the needs of today’s market

Until a few years ago, online meetings and real-time collaboration seemed implausible for most companies. The modern world has since changed and these changes are filtering through to the field of commercial photography. Now, with the rapid adoption of streaming and modern technology, you can connect with professional photographers and creative agencies in different parts of the world in order to produce exceptional content for your brand.

This can help save time and money.

Hybrid photoshoots for e-commerce, campaigns and more So who is hybrid photography for? At Rhapsody, we recommend this service for brands specialising in consumer electronics, fashion or homeware. Because we work in our professional, fully equipped studios, we can photograph models as well as products. The latter can be sent to us for all kinds of photography, from packshots to portraits and shoots on location.

Would you like to find out what photography services we can provide for your brand Schedule a free meeting with our team and let’s discuss the possibilities. Contact us today or book a meeting below.

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