Rhapsody's Quick Cuts: AI, CTV Ads, and More - 5 Tech-driven Marketing Strategies for Global Brands

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Adrian Serafin - 1 July 2024 - 6 min read

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Rhapsody's Quick Cuts: AI, CTV Ads, and More - 5 Tech-driven Marketing Strategies for Global Brands

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This week's Rhapsody's Quick Cuts keeps you informed with the hottest marketing and technology news impacting global brands. From the rise of AI-powered tools to effective advertising strategies, we've got the insights you need to make informed decisions and stay competitive. Discover the top 5 news stories and actionable takeaways to elevate your brand's marketing game!

AI in Marketing Goes Mainstream: Brandwatch Report

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šŸ¤œ A Brandwatch study reveals 91% of US ad agencies are using or exploring AI. Marketers expect significant impact on campaigns.

Action items for You:

  1. Assess your AI readiness: Audit existing tools & identify areas where AI can enhance marketing efforts.
  2. Explore AI use cases: Consider content creation, personalization, or ad targeting for initial AI implementation.
  3. Partner with AI experts: Bridge the knowledge gap by collaborating with agencies or consultants specializing in AI marketing.
  4. Prioritize human oversight: Maintain control over AI outputs and ensure brand alignment in all AI-generated content.
  5. Track and measure results: Monitor the impact of AI on campaign performance and adjust strategies as needed.

Meta Unveils AI-powered Messenger Chatbot

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šŸ¤– Meta introduces a new AI-powered chatbot and API for building enhanced customer experiences on Messenger.

Action items for You:

  1. Evaluate Messenger for customer service: Consider using chatbots to handle basic inquiries and improve response times.
  2. Brainstorm engaging chatbot applications: Develop creative ways to use chatbots for promotions, product recommendations, or lead generation.
  3. Focus on personalization: Leverage AI to personalize chatbot interactions and tailor responses to individual user needs.
  4. Prioritize seamless transitions to human agents: Ensure a smooth handover to live agents for complex issues.
  5. Measure chatbot performance: Track key metrics like user satisfaction and resolution rates to refine your chatbot strategy.

Shopify Expands AI Features for Businesses

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šŸ›’ Shopify is adding new AI functionalities to its platform, aiming to empower more businesses with AI-powered marketing tools.

Action items for You:

  1. Explore Shopify's AI offerings: Identify how Shopify's AI features can streamline your marketing tasks or enhance customer experiences.
  2. Consider migrating your ecommerce platform: If you're not already on Shopify, evaluate if it aligns with your AI marketing goals.
  3. Integrate AI with existing tools: Ensure compatibility between Shopify's AI features and your current marketing tech stack.
  4. Train your team on using AI: Equip your marketing team with the knowledge and skills to leverage Shopify's AI tools effectively.
  5. Analyze the impact of AI on sales: Track how AI-powered features influence conversion rates and overall sales performance.

Carl's Jr. Drives Traffic with AI-powered CTV Ads

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šŸŽ„ Carl's Jr. successfully leveraged AI-powered contextual targeting for CTV advertising, reaching a specific audience segment.

Action items for You:

  1. Explore Connected TV (CTV) advertising: Consider CTV as a potential channel to reach your target audience with video ads.
  2. Utilize contextual targeting: Leverage data to deliver ads relevant to the content viewers are watching on CTV platforms.
  3. Partner with CTV ad specialists: Collaborate with best marketing agencies in London or platforms to develop effective CTV advertising strategies.
  4. Measure CTV campaign performance: Track key metrics like ad engagement and website traffic driven by CTV campaigns.
  5. Analyze results and refine strategy: Based on CTV campaign performance data, adjust your targeting and creative approaches for future campaigns.

1 in 3 Marketers Get Limited Time for Board Presentations

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šŸ“ˆ A study reveals limited time allocation for senior marketers to present results to leadership, hindering strategic discussions.

Action items for You:

  1. Focus on data-driven storytelling: Prioritize presenting clear, concise reports with impactful data visualizations.
  2. Highlight key metrics and ROI: Focus on metrics that resonate with board members, such as revenue growth or customer acquisition costs.
  3. Prepare for insightful Q&A: Anticipate potential questions and have clear, data-backed answers readily available.
  4. Request a dedicated briefing session: If time is limited, propose a separate meeting to delve deeper into specific topics.
  5. Partner with a data visualization specialist: Consider collaborating with a designer to create impactful visuals that enhance your presentation's communication. Bonus: Advocate for longer presentation slots! Clearly demonstrate the value of in-depth marketing discussions with leadership.

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