Best Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns (With Real-Life Examples)


Patrycja Hendzel - 26 June 2024 - 9 min read

Best Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns (With Real-Life Examples)

Best Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns (With Real-Life Examples)

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Because brands are constantly fighting for consumer attention, it is necessary to have a top-notch marketing strategy. People are repeatedly bombarded with visual, auditory, and digital advertising, making it harder for new businesses to stay at the top of the ever-growing mountain of competition. Every year, brands spend over 1077 billion US dollars on advertising in an attempt to outshine rival companies (Statista).

It takes a lot of work and an innovative, driven approach to thrive in such an environment. That is where multi-channel marketing comes into play: it can help you get your desired results.

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Why Your Business Might Benefit From Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing utilises a combination of different platforms and media to reach consumers in a variety of ways, thus increasing the chance of interaction. Let’s take a closer look at why businesses find it so beneficial.

💡 Multi-channel marketing allows brands to maximise their reach and engage with their target audience at multiple touchpoints, significantly raising brand awareness and recognition.

This approach increases marketers’ ability to notice patterns and preferences concerning specific media channels, allowing for the future optimisation and refinement of their marketing efforts.

  • It is a great way to build credibility, as it shows the general public that your brand is consistently active and present.

  • It allows you to reach a wider audience, as well as to engage with various segments in different ways.

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A multi-channel strategy can help your brand stand out and stay in consumers' minds. Given that humans require a variety of stimuli and experiences to remain engaged, a comprehensive marketing strategy is the best choice to ensure maximum impact and the best ROI.

Real-Life Multi-Channel Marketing Examples

Crafting a winning multi-channel campaign requires expertise. We've helped numerous brands achieve remarkable results – explore a few of our client success stories to see how multi-channel marketing can create lasting impact.

Semrush: Visual Messaging in Multi-Channel

Brand awareness and reach were among the top priorities for Semrush, a leading SaaS platform. To broaden Semrush’s reach and provide its audience with a positive experience, we used different media types and platforms to showcase its services.

As a result, we effectively communicated what the brand offers and encouraged interested users to visit its website and subscribe to its services.

Campaign Goal: Semrush was looking to increase the number of visitors to its page and convert those visitors into paying subscribers.

multi channel campaign example saas

Campaign Overview: Rhapsody chose to leverage the power of visual content by releasing a short video that communicated the brand's values and ideals. The strategically placed video has garnered 2,697,754 views on YouTube alone, proving a huge success.

We also devised a personality quiz to connect with the Semrush audience on a deeper level and a game to give users an interactive experience. This resulted in an increased engagement rate and a significant boost to subscriber numbers. The campaign was translated into five languages to maximise its potential reach.

Channels Used: A landing page, gamification, and video.

Key to Success: Using multiple channels with consistent graphic design and messaging helped to reinforce the image of Semrush as a reliable, innovative company that values its customers and cares about their experience.

multi channel campaign example saas

👉 Full story here

Amazon: Talent Acquisition Campaigns

E-commerce powerhouse Amazon wanted to develop a campaign that would appeal to prospective employees and boost the number of people interested in working for the company.

Its Talent Acquisition team wanted a comprehensive strategy that would showcase Amazon as an excellent place to work in the highly competitive job market.

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Campaign Goal: Amazon wanted to boost employer branding and attract top talent through a visually appealing multi-channel campaign.

Campaign Overview: To fulfil the company's goals, Rhapsody created a visually appealing campaign that included eye-catching illustrations and graphics to showcase Amazon as a desirable employer.

We also included a framework for future initiatives to save time and resources for the company. This way, the marketing materials will remain consistent and unified across different platforms and for multiple campaigns.

Channels Used: Social media ads, website ads, and custom-made illustrations.

Key to Success: Communicating the brand's values and ideals effectively through visual media and storytelling combined with interactive content proved a winning strategy for Amazon.

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👉 Full story here

Bioindustry Association (BIA): A Campaign With a Deeper Meaning

BIA, the trade association for life sciences in the UK, wanted to reach recent graduates and those considering a career change. Social media therefore became the primary medium for showcasing the impactful work done in the field.

The campaign proved a huge success, with the association's website reaching 3 million impressions and over 330 e-mail signups.

Campaign Goal: The BIA’s goal was to attract more new talent to life sciences and raise public awareness of the organisation.

Campaign Overview: The entire campaign was carried out under the tagline #BIGIMPACT, referencing the importance of bioindustry careers and drawing on the power of social media hashtags. As part of the strategy, Rhapsody created a platform where interested users could browse job openings in the industry and apply in real time.

multi channel campaign example education

The campaign included extensive social media promotion as well as collaborations with major industry personalities, including tech experts, who participated in Instagram stories and videos using the #BIGIMPACT hashtag to increase visibility.

To reach the widest audience possible, the trade association sent out newsletters and press releases.

Channels Used: Social media ads, influencer marketing, paid marketing, press releases, and newsletters.

Key to Success: Tech experts lent the campaign authenticity and credibility which helped to establish trust with the audience and encourage individuals to take action.


👉 Full story here

How Do We Create Winning Multi-Channel Campaigns?

We take the guesswork out of crafting stellar multi-channel campaigns. Let's dive into the proven strategies we use to ensure your marketing hits all the right notes.

We Start With a Deep Dive Into Audience Behaviour

Thorough research and segmentation of the target audience should be among the top priorities when developing a marketing strategy. Without it, your marketing efforts will not reach the right people and will not provide the desired results.

💡 We know how to effectively tailor your message to each of your audience segments and can help you create a fantastic campaign.

We use:

  • surveys – to learn more about your audience
  • research tools – to understand what your audience thinks about your competitors and their marketing efforts
  • social media monitoring softwares – to simplify the process

We Tailor Channels to Your Audience

At Rhapsody, we find which areas (both digital and traditional) your target audience is most active and engaged in. Is it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Does your ideal demographic watch TV or prefer to view content online? Do they spend a lot of time outside?

Marketing companies in London will get answers to all these questions to figure out which channels will reach the people your brand wants to connect with. For example, it’s pointless advertising on TikTok if your target audience does not use the app.

💡 We will make sure the channel aligns with your brand’s values. You do not want to advertise on a platform that goes against your ideals.

We Create a Unified Brand Experience

Uniform advertisements across different platforms help people connect specific messages and imagery with the brand, thus increasing recognition.

Chaotic and inconsistent advertising hinders marketing efforts, as people are unlikely to remember a product or service if the messaging is confused.

💡 We will ensure your content is consistent – from videos to print ads.

Remember that content that doesn’t align with your company's goals can be easily misinterpreted by the audience, potentially damaging your brand's reputation. Even if you’re working with a big budget, random and disjointed marketing will be ineffective.

We Track Your Campaign's Success

Without proper tracking and measurement, it is difficult to determine how successful a marketing campaign will be.

We recommend using KPIs to set specific goals and benchmarks for marketing initiatives and determine the overall success of a campaign. We can help you analyse the gathered data to measure the campaign’s effectiveness.

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We Optimise for Success

We don't believe in "set it and forget it" campaigns. We take a data-driven approach that prioritises continuous testing and refinement. Here's how we ensure your marketing hits the mark:

  • A/B Testing: We test different types of messaging, visuals, and CTAs to see what resonates best with your audience.
  • Customer Journey Optimisation: We identify and remove any roadblocks that hinder conversions throughout the buying process.
  • Embrace Iteration: We learn from successes and failures, constantly optimising your campaigns for peak performance.

Create a Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign with Rhapsody

Multi-channel marketing isn't a magic bullet, but it could be a powerful tool for your marketing strategy. By allowing you to reach a wider audience, boost brand recognition, and drive conversions, it sets you up for success.

Careful planning, data analysis, and consistent messaging across channels are essential.

Partner with Rhapsody to craft a campaign that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. Schedule your free consultation today and see how we can help.

How does Rhapsody create a cohesive message across multiple channels with different formats?

How does Rhapsody track results and measure the success of multi-channel campaigns?

My industry is highly regulated. Can you provide multi-channel marketing strategies that work well with restrictions?

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