Hello! Fashion

Rhapsody has built fully responsive mobile publishing apps for HELLO! and HELLO! Fashion magazines with the ability to showcase a PDF replica. Custom built indesign and WordPress templates that on average migrate 80% of content automatically. The client uses live RSS feeds, video content, subscription based in-app purchases and automated push notifications to increase user […]


Rhapsody_Waitrose_Press_Pack Digital Responsive Website Development

Rhapsody produce the digitally responsive Waitrose Press Pack and HTML campaign emails twice a year, during the Christmas and Easter periods. The functionality on the site allows users to download high or low res imagery as well as search and share specific products via social media. We also provide monthly hosting services.


Marie Claire - TI Media Magazine

Rhapsody is proud to maintain its position as the single source pre-media supplier for all TI Media’s brands supplying services including page assembly, image retouching and colour management. TI Media approached Rhapsody to see how we could help them improve their workflow processes which resulted in the roll-out of the cross-platform eMagine production system to […]


Boden Photo-shoot Retouching and Swatch Matching

Getting the colour of the images right is essential to Boden since any inaccuracies online or in print, risks products being returned by customers. For nearly 2 decades Rhapsody have worked closely with Boden to provide high quality retouching and swatch matching.